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I will create a plan for building MVP

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Preparing a specification for building MVP is the most important part of building MVP. The decision to choose the right technologies and framework to use may save you thousands.

Here is what I will do:

1. Have two 30-minute calls with you to figure out MVP requirements
2. I will analyze similar existing products
3. I will research open-source projects, SaaS solutions, and templates that may help you expedite delivery
4. I will prepare a document describing all the functionality needed and the steps to build it

Here is what you will get:

1.Breakdown of primary features your MVP needs to have
2. List of technologies which has to be used by developers
3. List of open-source projects, SaaS solutions, and templates that your developers can use to save time
You will be able to share the document with any designer and development team to get a complete MVP in return with minimal risks during execution.

Will you be responsible for any issues during execution?

No, execution primarily depends on your developers. However, I can assist analytically and provide free assistance in case of mistakes from the document side.

Yeah, I can have a call with them and make sure they understand everything.

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