Frequently Asked Questions

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We support cards and paypal 

Yes, however you would need to create a dispute first and get it resolved with involvement of a platform representative

You do not need any licenses to start earning with Kavun. However you need to be able to pay taxes to the country of your residence, Kavun is not taking responsibilities over paying taxes for you

Accordion ContentAs any other freelance marketplace like Upwork or Fiver we wanna help as much freelancer find client as possible. In order to do that we invest enormous amount of money in marketing, sales, support and educational materials. To cover that expense we charge standard industry fees of 20% – 5%, depends on the seniority of the freelancer and the loyalty level.

However, in contrast to other platform that will charge you high fees for a lifetime, while working with KavunUA your loyalty level is growing and your fees will be drastically reduced with time.


Our mission is to encourage individuals to develop their personal brands and building their own businesses. In contrast to other platforms like Upwork or Fiver which strictly not allow you to communicate or organize payments outside of the platform, KavunUA doesn’t want to restrict your opportunities. If client is interested in bringing you as a co-founder or a full-time employee in his company and you agree with it, we have a special mechanism for that.

Think of it as a free IT courses, where you pay after you getting a job. If you will accept the direct contract, you can completely leave the platform and work with client, directly, however, for the next year, you would need to continue paying your fees to the platform, based on the employment agreement you sign with a client. 

As for right now the average income on the platform is $4000 per month, after platform fees. However, it will depend on the seniority level of the person. Juniors who join the platform are required to have mentor and with less than 1 year of commercial experience you can expect about $1500 per month on average.

Our goal is to democratize freelancing so we are open for any IT talents which are interested in working with us. If you have decent English level and you have at least some commercial experience in IT, be sure to proceed with the registration process.

The platform is definitely interested in partnering with existing freelancers or hiring agencies to bring more people on board. Leave a request on, we will contact you and provide information about the referral program