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Bohdan Shcherbakov

Marketing manager
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About Freelancer

Hello! 👋 My name is Bohdan Shcherbakov. I’m a business and startup marketing manager. I have been working in the IT field for more than 5 years, so during this time I have had experience in various areas: website development, design, marketing, participated in the integrated development of startups, worked with foreign and Ukrainian businesses of various types.

My main skills are setting up advertising campaigns, marketing support and PR for your brand or business.



2018-2020 Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), Computer science
2014-2018 Computer science
2012-2014 Mathematics
Talne Lyceum of Maths and Economics

Work & Experience

07/07/2020 - 01/04/2022 Marketing Manager
Tutor Service

The main range of works: 1. Conducted market analytics. 2. Created a marketing strategy. 3. Developed branding. 4. Worked on creating a landing page. 5. Launched advertising campaigns to attract customers. 6. Developed a strategy for presence on Facebook, Instagram. 7. Managed the development of creatives. 8. Gave tasks and supervised the work of an SMM specialist. 9. Tested advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. 10. Implemented time tracking and click tracking. 11. Managed the creation of the mascot. 12. Created new products for business expansion. 13. Development of sales scripts for managers. Achievements: 1. Ensured the company's constant growth in terms of customers. 2. Achieved business payback immediately after launch. 3. Improved website design, which led to an increase in conversion rates. 4. Managed a team of copywriters and designers. 5. Engaged in strategic planning for advertising and business development. 6. Improved the existing offers for advertising, which led to an increase in CTR and a decrease in the price per lead. 7. Achieved full team accountability for time spent and tasks completed. 8. Added a business to Google My Business.

16/12/2020 - 02/02/2023 Marketing Manager
Sequoia Harness

The main range of works: 1. Analyzed competitors' advertising and niches in general. 2. Launched advertising on Facebook, Instagram. 3. Created advertising creatives and texts. 4. Launched ads in Google Ads. 5. Collected semantic core, analyzed search queries. 6. Set up Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics. 7. Made additional settings in Google Search Console. 8. I was engaged in email marketing. 9. Worked with the website on the Shopify platform. Achievements: 1. Mastered Shopify, learned how to set up CAPI. 2. Figured out how to connect payment systems. 3. I learned how to connect the fulfillment system. 4. I got good results in email marketing. 5. Achieved good results with account unlocks. 6. The Google Ads campaign in the US has achieved payback.

01/04/2019 Marketing Manager

The main range of works: 1. Market analysis, competitor analysis. 2. Formation of a marketing strategy. 3. Work on creating branding. 4. Assistance in creating a website. 5. Launch of advertising on Facebook and Instagram. 6. Implementation of the use of chatbots. 7. Conducting market research. 8. Implementation of CRM and connection of managers. 9. Creating conditions for maximum business automation. 10. I was engaged in SEO website promotion. 11. Increased the conversion rate of the site through various improvements. 12. Setting up SARI. 13. Work with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. 14. Created various pages for testing advertising (quiz). 15. I was engaged in domain connection, worked with Google Search Console. Achievements: 1. Learned how to start a business from scratch. 2. Understood how chatbots work. 3. I improved my skills in launching targeted advertising. 4. I have a better understanding of website builders. 5. I learned how to customize analytics. 6. I effectively allocated advertising budgets. 7. Implemented the use of CRM. 8. Found methods for deeper competitor analytics. 9. Tested various advertising channels to attract customers. 10. Achieved greater visibility of pages on Google. 11. Found the most effective widgets for the site. 12. Achieved a higher percentage of tracked events due to the implementation of CAPI. 13. I added the necessary analytical systems to the website and learned how to set up GTM.

17/03/2021 - 24/02/2022 Marketing Manager + PR Specialist

The main range of works: 1. Market and competitor analysis. 2. Development of a promotion strategy for clients. 3. Control over the creation of the site. 4. Control over the creation of advertising creatives and texts. 5. Creating a marketing strategy for a startup. 6. Analytics and reporting. 7. Writing commercial offers for clients. 8. Writing technical specifications for the designer and copywriter. 9. Close cooperation with an SMM specialist. 10. Consulting clients on a marketing plan. 11. Launch of advertising on the YouTube channel. 12. Launch of advertising in Google Ads. 13. Launch of advertising on Facebook, Instagram. Achievements: 1. Gained experience working with foreign clients (USA). 2. Learned how to run ads on YouTube. 3. I learned how to find the right specialists to create a website from scratch. 4. I came up with my own startup idea and tested it with a real client. 5. I learned how to run ads to promote my personal brand on Facebook.


Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Google Tag Manager
Google Analytics
Marketing Analysis

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    Yev Rachkovan

    Bohdan was responsible for all marketing and PR efforts on He did great job and I suggest him to any startup that is looking for marketing services

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